Thursday, July 16, 2009

Peter Ringrose, Executive Director of Family and Children's Services of the Waterloo Region sues citizens for slander and Blocks Memberships

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Ringrose Sues Carter and McQuaid

July 11, 2009

Peter Ringrose has joined with four of his associates to sue Chris Carter and Robert McQuaid. Here is a copy of the notice. For this action Mr Ringrose employed the services of Sue 'em dot com.

Addendum The WFRU newsletter dated June 10 and posted here June 12 has been purged of the material deemed objectionable by Mr Ringrose and associates.

Another Suit By Ringrose
It appears from another report that Ringrose has been active in using tax-payers money to sue citizens for speaking out against them.

In court file No.: C-1290-03 Peter Ringrose is again involved in taking legal action against a citizen of Ontario for what appears to be critisism of the agency and its operations.

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CAS Corporate Memberships
Interfered with by Ringrose et al.

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