Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ministers of Church Battle with Min. Children and Youth Services - May have to give up custody of their Disabled Child

In a recent report from the Toronto Star (July 20, 2009 - ) it was reported that a Minister and his wife, the Gallinger's are being faced with the possibility of being forced to be labelled a risk to their children or as abandoning them simply because they cannot afford the medical expenses required to care for their disabled, newborn child.

John Dunn of the Foster Care Council of Canada has contacted the church they minister at ( ) to talk to them and to offer them support in their ordeal, and encourages as many people as possible to contact their local television station, news paper, and radio stations to let them know about this important matter and to expose the unacceptable manner in which the government might deal with it.

You can contact the church at the following address to offer your words of support and prayers. If you can, offer their situation to your own church when the minister asks the congregation for prayers, thanks or announcements during church so more people can network and pray for them.

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