Thursday, October 08, 2009

Foster Care Council to Present to the Federal Finance Committee in Fall 2009

The Foster Care Council of Canada's Executive Director, John Dunn has registered with the Federal House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance to make a presentation to their committee in Ottawa on October 08, 2009 at 10:30am. (date yet to be determined)

Dunn will address the issue of Federal Social Transfer Payments being sent to the provinces without any conditions or monitoring being imposed on their use and effectiveness in child protection services.

The issue of conditions being imposed on the use of federal Social Transfer Payments was raised in Chapter 1 of the 2008 Federal Auditor General's Report. The "Main Points" section of the report states the following;

"Our study examined the three main mechanisms used by the federal government to transfer funds to the provinces and territories. We also looked at the nature and extent of conditions attached to these transfers."

"The nature and extent of conditions attached to federal transfers to the provinces and territories varies significantly. While some transfers have specific conditions that recipients must meet, others are unconditional and there is no requirement for a province or territory to report to the federal government on the use of the transferred funds. It is not always clear to parliamentarians which transfers have conditions attached and what the nature and extent of those conditions are."

"Some transfers involve conditions that, for example, obligate recipients to provide the federal government with information on how they spent the transferred funds and to what effect. The federal government must demonstrate that it is monitoring provincial and territorial compliance with these conditions and that it is taking action in cases of non-compliance. Where transfers have limited or no conditions, the provinces and territories have the flexibility to spend the funds according to their own priorities, with no legal obligation to account to the federal government for the spending."

View the Report
You can view the report here to learn more about the issue of conditions being placed on federal Social Transfer Payments in preparation for your presentation to the Committee by visiting the following link

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