Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Foster Care Council Approves Cross Province Bike Ride for Accountability in Children's Aid Societies

The Board of Directors of the Foster Care Council of Canada has approved a motion to have John Dunn, their Executive Director embark upon a Cross Ontario bike ride from Ottawa to Windsor to increase awareness of the need for accountability of Children's Aid Societies in Ontario an to raise funds to assist the Council to realize its mission statement through the execution of its objectives, which are as follows:

Mission Statement:
Involving current and former child-welfare service clients and their supporters in the process of improving the quality and accountability of child-welfare services through a strong and united voice

conducting child-welfare related research and reporting our findings to government officials and the public

providing information about child-welfare related legislation and on-line legal tools
launching public awareness campaigns regarding important child-welfare issues

assisting child-welfare clients in acquiring access to their own personal records held by the various child-welfare agencies

publishing our periodic newsletter, The Crown Ward

endorsing, intervening in, or initiating legal action where it is deemed necessary and appropriate to do so in the public interest

The agenda item is 6.2 and can be read at the following link

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