Thursday, July 09, 2009

Charges Pending

On Thursday July 09, 2009, John Dunn of the Foster Care Council of Canada in his personal capacity, has picked up the appropriate forms from the court to lay charges against the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa and its Executive Director, Barbara MacKinnon in relation to the Offences they committed under section 307 (5) of the Corporations Act, similar to the Offences they committed in 2007.

Once the forms known as "an Information" have been filled out and sworn in front of a Justice of the Peace the charges will have been laid.

Friday July 10, 2009 Dunn met with a Justice of Peace and discussed delaying charges against Society in order to first seek a mediation with the Crown between the parties to see if the Society will resolve the matter prior to Dunn having to press charges. Dunn says this is a good thing since all he wants to do is to send a letter to the members seeking their approval for a Society By-Law change which would allow former wards of the Ottawa Society to become members of the Society -- regardless of whether they live within the local area served by the Society since their lives as children and now adults have been affected by that Society not by another Society.

The Provincial Prosecutor returns on the 04 of August, 2009. Dunn will request a meeting between the three of them as discussed with the Justice of the Peace in order to see if the Society will resolve the matter without having to press charges.

2007 Charges
You can see the previous charging documents from 2007 at the following links.

1. Information against Society (here)
2. Information against Executive Director, Barbara MacKinnon (here)

3. Summons on Society (here)
4. Summons on Executive Director, Barbara MacKinnon (here)

The entire process of the 2007 charges against the Society from start to finish of the resolution can be read online at

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