Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009 Rally for Child Welfare Accountability

Andrew Skinner sent a message to the members
of the Facebook Group titled:

Stop The Children's Aid Society
From Taking Children Away From Good Parents

Subject: Queens Park Rally 05 October 2009

UPDATE (Rally 4 Accountability 2009)

The Rally4Accountability is scheduled for
05 October 2009, in Toronto, Ontario.

The Rally will take place from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Make sure you mark this important date on your calendar.

This gives citizens interested in attending the rally,
time to make arrangements with work schedules and to
organize transportation. The event will take place in
front of Queens Park, making this a great opportunity
to get photos and videos of the event and the speakers.

You can visit the official Rally 4 Accountability website at;

You can visit the official Facebook event page at

Please take advantage of the ride share forums and discussion
threads provided.

Some citizens are willing to drive and we encourage everyone take
the initiative to work out local car pooling and details with other
citizens in your area who wish to attend to show their support.

We will be sending out maps and related updates and information
through the Facebook events page. Everyone is encouraged to
confirm attendance through the Facebook events page to ensure
you receive important details about the rally.

We ask that citizens planning on attending the rally
download the Bill-93 petition and collect signatures from
friends, family, and supporters. Canadian citizen of any
age can sign the petition.;

We will seek the assistance of a Member of Provincial
Parliament to allow the petition to be legally
presented to the chambers at an appropriate time.
Citizens gathering signatures for the Bill-93 campaign,
will need to bring their signed petitions to the rally,
so they can be included in the petition presentation.
Several hundred signatures have been confirmed already
this year, adding to the signatures presented last year.

Bears 4 Accountability
The Bears 4 Accountability campaign will be available
for anyone wishing to make a small donation for a teddy bear.

The bears will in turn be donated to children facing the
challenges of the present child protection and legal system.

Anyone interested in pre-ordering a Bear 4 Accountability
can do so by contacting either; or;

The following is a Fighting 4 Families Production

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  1. im sorry i would like to no what your rallying for i no nothing about the internet so use my email are you ralling for or against