Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Toronto Sun Columnist says to let Ombudsman "loose on children's aid first"

Toronto Sun columnist Cristie Blizzard wrote an article on the latest annual report of the Ombudsman where she clearly expresses her opinion that the Ombudsman should have jurisdiction over Children's Aid Societies when she wrote "Let him loose on children's aid first".

The important thing to remember is that the Ontario Liberals are the party who have consistently refused to allow the Ombudsman to obtain jurisdiction over Children's Aid Societies.

In attempts to make it appear as if the Ombudsman does have oversight of Children's Aid Societies Ontario Liberals say he has jurisdiction over the Child and Family Services Review Board which deals with Society complaints, however the oversight he does have over the Board is merely administrative in that he can make sure the Board stays within its legislated rules in how it deals with complaints brought to it.

His jurisdiction over the Board does not however let him deal with the fact that the Board has no teeth or investigative powers what so ever. The Board is also unable to enforce any orders it makes to a CAS since the Ontario Government also made sure the Board is not under the jurisdiction of the statute which other tribunals are governed by that would give them enforcement abilities.

You can read Christie's article at the following link

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