Saturday, June 06, 2009

Principal Illegally Assists Children's Aid Worker

A special thank-you to Canada Court Watch for recording these interviews.

In one video below, a young boy who is shown in a video interview with Canada Court Watch details a story of how the principal of his school detained him in his private office to keep him from his father at the request of a CAS worker who was allegedly being told by the worker that the father must sign some form of agreement with him before getting access to his child at school.

In the second interview with another former CAS youth, abuse in care is revealed including workers telling them they do not have to appear in court even when they want to.

In this case, the principal, nor the worker have been charged with forcible confinement, yet in an unrelated case, where children were in a locked room in their own home, the parents were charged with forcible confinement. Shouldn't the worker? (the story it linked to at the end)

View the interview here

Unlawful abduction by school officials from Canada Court Watch on Vimeo.

Hamilton Spectator Newspaper Report

"They are all charged with two counts each of forcible confinement, child endangerment and failing to provide the necessities of life. The grandmother, 61, is also charged with assault. They are free on a promise to appear in court again on June 25."

Teen speaks about being abused and beaten while in care of the Children's Aid Society from Canada Court Watch on Vimeo.

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