Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ontario Ombudsman - Tweets on Twitter - Annual Report Today!

June 23rd is Annual Report Day! Stay tuned!

A note from a fellow Board Member of the Foster Care Council of Canada regarding the importance to every day citizen's of the Ombudsman's Annual Report is shown below, followed by the Ombudsman's Twitter account.

Tomorrow is the day the Annual Report will be coming out and shortly there-after comes the hard copy. I get the Annual Report Book from the Information Privacy Commission every year (which is just stacked with ALL sorts of things you might not have known existed!) and starting this year, I'll be doing the same thing with the Ombudsman's Annual Report. Yeh, I know that it will be on the "net" but it is so much simpler to have the actual book so that you can read it at your own leisure any time and any-where. Not only will I learn about things in which I am interested in and also that of which I know nothing or not enough about.

The book is FREE and all you have to do is phone the Ombudsman's Office in Toronto at ****1-800-263-1830**** and give them your name and address and as soon as it's ready, it'll be delivered right to your door, FREE! If you think I'm hinting that it might be a good thing for all of us to do, you wouldn't be a little bit wrong if you did the right thing and got one for yourselves. Besides which, if as many people did that, then the powers that be might well find out that more and more people are interested in what his office does and who knows what kind of support that might help his office out with.

Sincerely, Dave


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