Monday, June 15, 2009

National Post Story on Lack of Accountability in Child Welfare

"One Calgary mother said her kids were recently pulled from class and questioned by a caseworker after she kept them home from school for a week, fearing they might be exposed to swine flu. When the mother protested, the worker threatened to seize all six children in her house, including two toddlers.

"All because I was overtly concerned about my children's health," says an incredulous Ms. K, who, as is the case with all investigations, cannot be identified. Nor can she ever know who lodged the complaint against her.

The worker later visited the house. There, Ms. K reports (and witnesses confirm), when she further protested the interference -- at one point calling police -- the agent hollered at her, physically accosted her, and threatened to report her for abuse, of which, the caseworker later relented, there was no evidence.

The secrecy that envelops these cases makes it nearly impossible to fully investigate Ms. K's remarkable claims: caseworkers do not permit "clients," as they're called, to record meetings, and agencies cannot comment on any case. But the account doesn't shock those who work closely with the authorities."

Read the full article and please submit your comments to it if you can to show the article's importance. Call the paper to thank them for being bold enough to run such a story as it is extremely rare that the media focus on such issues.

Call the paper to tell them you support them writing on such matters of lack of accountability in child-welfare. Phone: 1-416-383-2300 Story by reporter Kevin Liban

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