Sunday, June 07, 2009

Foster Care Council Supports Alberta Lawyer in Law Society Tribunal

The Foster Care Council of Canada has submitted the following letter of support for Alberta Lawyer Robert P. Lee to be used in the Law Society's conduct hearing against him where he was convicted of only 3 of seven alleged code of conduct violations. None of which included fraudulent or morally reprehensible conduct other than a raised voice out of frustration, and other similarly minor incidents.

The letter of support is shown below. Feel free to model a letter similar if you support Robert P. Lee in his situation with the Alberta Law Society. They are going to hold a sentencing hearing where his punishment will be decided by the tribunal.

Law Society of Alberta
c/o Robert P. Lee

RE: Robert P. Lee

It is my belief that Robert P. Lee is acting in the public interest in this class action law suit on behalf of the most vulnerable citizen's of Canada... those without parental care living under the authority of the provincial government.

Just the fact that Robert has recently been brought before the Law Society for disciplinary hearings regarding his conduct over the past few years, conduct which has at times been the result of frustration caused by the actions or inactions of the Government as already acknowledged by the tribunal, leads me to believe that Robert P. Lee has suffered enough public embarrassment, stress, and inconvenience which in and of themselves will have the desired deterrent effect upon his conduct in the future, and, all of which have already detracted from the good work he should be taking the time to do as opposed to having that time used up for the purposes of these hearings.

Please, at the request of myself, a member of the public who has no personal or professional connection with Robert P. Lee, consider all of what I have mentioned in this letter in your sentencing decision regarding Robert P. Lee, as once again, I believe he is working in the public interest for the most vulnerable people in the province, let alone the entire country of Canada.

When we consider that individuals who have been convicted of criminal offenses are often given reductions in their sentences, I would hope that Robert P. Lee would be given similar or greater lenience in the public interest as he has committed no crime.

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

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