Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Attikokan CAS Punishes Parent

The Attikokan Children's Aid Society has written a letter to a parent telling them that they will not allow them to see their children (against a court order) because they moved. They also told the parent not to tell the children that they want to make arrangements for visits.

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This letter from the Society is signed by Linda Goose, Children's Services Worker, and by Jenny Billings, Manager, Children's Services, Family and Children's Services of the District of Rainy River. (Children's Aid Society)

The parent informed us of the following in June of 2009:

Letter received June 8th 2009 from the Atikokan Cas office (Fort Frances Rainy River District). Physical access has been repeatedly asked for since Aug 2005 and been refused by the Atikokan Cas office repeatedly. Asked for in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and also for this summer coming up as well. Atikokan Cas office has repeatedly cut off phone access and we have repeatedly tried to keep some kind of access going despite their objections. Atikokan Cas office was fully aware and provided with address and phone numbers when relocated due to work. My phone number has NEVER changed in 7 years nor in the last 5. The Cas is well aware of this since thats the number they use for the children to call, my 1-866 toll free number which I pay the calls on.
Children have not remained in the same community in the last 5 years as proven by their own documents. Oldest son (name removed) was moved to Fort Frances for a month at one point in 2005 I believe and they moved him to, from my understanding Kenora this last January 2009 as they stated "No one here wants him, which is why he was moved". They have refused us and the children here any contact with (name of child removed).
With the help of the Child Advocate and several others we managed to regain phone approx Nov/Dec 2008, access after approx 7-9 months of being refused access just to have them move oldest child out of the community and refuse to allow access in January 2009. When my son living with me inquired to them during a phone conversation approx 4 weeks ago about wanting contact with his older brother, the Cas office stated to him that (child's name removed) was on a holiday so he couldn't talk to him, they lied to my 11 year old son. The Cas has refused us any contact with the oldest child since the move making excuses about access.
Court transcripts show that the Cas had my phone and address information when we relocated to (locatoin), that statement they made is totally false and can be proven as such, so is the statement of not having any info of our whereabouts in (location) as I have school pictures dated 2007 from the children. Pictures are always sent by us including cards, gifts and money to the children. Phone conversations were being conducted after the move to (location). I can possibly get the phone records proving this if needed as I happened to pay for each phone call in and out on my phone to them by way of long distance. When we have asked for pictures since 2007 we have been refused any pictures of the children.
The siblings here want physical access to the other children. In fact the Ministry here had contacted the Cas there to try to arrange physical access to the children here several months ago and the Atikokan Cas again refused. We even offered to pay the return airfare for each child for a 1-2 week visit with us. Cas again refused or wouldn't acknowledged any requests. This is all documented by witnesses.
The Atikokan Cas refuses to return any phone calls to us or our advocates when asked by speaking to the person supervising the phone conversations or when leaving voice mail. Phone and physical access has been initiated by ourselves and the children over the years, not just the children. The Atikokan Cas wont allow us to have the phone numbers or addresses of where the children so we can contact them. The Cas only allows contact in their office and have made sure they were in control of that contact or lack of it so it appears.
The children are requesting to see us and it was discussed with the the 1 child who was the only one present for the last phone contact (name of child removed) and it was explained to (name of child removed) that we were trying to get the Cas to let us and the other children see them for a holiday this summer again but that the Cas weren't returning our calls about the matter yet again. We were letting the child know that we do want to see them and their brother and sisters want to see them and have been trying to get access but the Cas in Attikokan keeps refusing which we believe is not in the best interest of the children. The Cas in Attikokan are putting their interests ahead of those of the children. We had suggested in a voice mail (yet again) that it would be much cheaper for them to bring the children here for a visit then it was for all of us to travel out to Ontario and that we should be able to come to some arrangement without us having to take it back to court to enforce access against the Cas. Long distance physical access happens all the time across the country with children and their families. The Cas are frustrating any and all access making it impossible for everyone.
John Dunn and Alice Daniels both have recorded conversations of the children in Attikokan stating they weren't allowed to talk to us and crying on the phone in Dec 2008, this was after the Child Advocates office got involved. The children were being punished for our getting the child advocates office involved we believe. We also believe the children were threatened by the Cas if they spoke out to the Child Advocate who attended to speak with the children in Atikokan approx 6 months ago. The recorded phone calls between the children and us are a direct indication that is what happened. We are wondering how long they are going to keep being able to get away with all these lies and mentally/emotionally abusing these children and their siblings.
(name removed to comply with section 45 (8) of the Child and Family Services Act)

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