Saturday, May 23, 2009

Over 4,100 Members Strong

An on-line Facebook Group titled "Stop The Children's Aid Society From Taking Children Away From Good Parents" is growing extremely large with over 4,100 members so far.

Upon visiting the group you will find the following quotes and links from and containing various officials and their representatives and a whole active community of people who are also organizing an annual Rally at Queens Park in Toronto (Ontario legislature) regarding Children's Aid Societies.


Provincial Ombudsman Andre Marin: "Children’s Aid Societies in the province [Ontario] have become almost a law onto themselves" and that "they have carved themselves a nice, comfortable niche – a zone of immunity against oversight"

MPP Rick Hillier: (Video) "the number one obligation of Government is to prevent injustice. Unfortunately, what we're seeing, is government actually creating injustice instead of preventing it"

MPP Peter Kormos: "Why would the government vote down oversight by the Ombudsman?"
"What are they afraid of?

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