Monday, June 22, 2009

Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial - Died under CCAS's Watch - Honoured by Amanda Reed

The following site and physical park memorial was created by community member Amanda Reed in memory of Jeffrey Baldwin, a little boy who died a horrible, slow death while under the watch of the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto. Again, thank-you Amanda.

A quote from the website reads as follows:

After an unforgivable length of time, I have finally installed the plaque at Jeffrey's memorial in Greenwood Park. The tree is getting so big and the city has maintained the flowers beautifully! I installed the plaque, weeded the garden, cleaned up the very minimal garbage around it and then sat for awhile thinking about Jeffrey. I have been out of the loop for so long and feel like I have not fulfilled the promise I made to him to change some laws and shake up the Children's Aid system. I felt very sad sitting there looking at his beautiful face, but then all these kids came to play and it was very peaceful to sit there and watch them. It really is a very nice place to sit and watch and reflect. When the tree is full grown, that bench will be the nicest place to sit in the summer...

Don't let his memory die... maybe October's Child Welfare Accountability Rally can include a walk from Greenwood Park to Queen's Park to start the Rally and garner media and public attention. We can also stop into the City Hall to thank them for allowing the memorial to be placed at Greenwood Park which would further media opportunities.

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Possible March Route (The route could cut down University to Queen, go past City TV then back up to Gerrard or where ever.

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  1. what a great idea. for a march. lets not think about it, lets do it.

  2. Lets visit here to talk about it.