Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coronor Investigating Death of Mother - Possible Cause - CAS

The Ontario Coroner's Office is conducting an OPP assisted, Coroner's investigation into the suicide death of a client of an Ontario Children's Aid Society regarding the practices involved.

The OPP officer involved is
OPP Detective Constable
Jeff Gray

The investigation was initiated by the letter of Ottawa resident and activist Jane Scharf who can also be contacted at and at 613-884-9065 or 416-254-9065

Previously posted details can be found at this (link)

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The following letter to the editor was submitted by John Dunn to the London Free Press for publication. If it gets published, it will be linked to here:

The London area Coroner, Dr. Mann is currently conducting an OPP assisted investigation into the suicide death of a London area mother which may have been caused by the actions of local Children's Aid Society workers who were allegedly acting aggressively toward her at the hospital shortly after her child's birth, threatening to take her baby from her.

The investigation was spawned by a letter to the Coroner from an advocate who was involved in the case, Jane Scharf, stating that the Society had two workers harassing her at the hospital and making false allegations in their affidavits to the courts.

In Scharf's letter to the Coroner, she concludes with "This is not the first death like this I have witnessed. The first was that of Tracy Cain who relapsed on drugs under the strain of losing access to her child at the hands of the Ottawa Children's Aid Society after five years clean time. I have also seen many other cases of aggressive, abusive, administrative practices where apprehension is pursued by all means available... legal or otherwise."

Now, I have heard in the news of another mother in Ontario who has a CAS pursuing her children and the mother has killed her two children. Is she protecting them from the CAS in her own mind?

CAS's need external accountability. If you can, call your MPP at the Provincial legislature and ask them to vote in favour of Bill 93 which if passed would give Ontario's Ombudsman jurisdiction to review Children's Aid Society decisions and actions.

From a former foster child, John Dunn

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