Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prescott-Russell Fostered Youth Seeking Support

Two "UPDATES have been appended below:
A fifteen year old fostered youth under the authority of the Prescott Russell Services for Children and Adults has signed a release of information waiver enabling the agency (the Society) and her foster parents to speak to John Dunn of the Foster Care Council of Canada regarding her personal information and for him to speak with them so that some issues of concern to the youth could be addressed.

In response the Council sent a letter to the Society's Executive Director, Raymond Lemay, with copies sent to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Eastern Regional Director and Program Manager Susan Bihun, and Ginette Desmarais, the Chief Provincial Child and Youth Advocate Irwin Elman, and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's Child Welfare Opposition Critics, Andrea Horwath (NDP) and Julia Munro (PC) informing them of the fact that the foster parent has allegedly removed the phone from their home as possible punishment for contacting the Child Advocate's office.

UPDATE 1: On Monday April 20, 2009 we have been informed that the youth will be visited by her worker, possibly in response to the letter received by the Society from the Council.

UPDATE 2: The Council has since been informed that a Prescott Russell CAS worker visited the home of the youth while the youth was not home, only meeting with the foster parent(s) during the day. The Voice of the youth as far as we can tell has not yet been heard by the agency.

The Council will be monitoring the situation to in the hopes that the youth will not suffer any form of retaliation for seeking support in regard to this matter. The local press -- Edition Andre Paquette -- have also been informed of the situation

Updates will be posted as they arrive.

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