Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Foster Care Council Initiates Review of Ontario's Child and Family Services Act

According to Section 224 of Ontario's Child and Family Services Act the Minister (the Hon. Deb Matthews) shall conduct a review of the Act, or provisions of it that the Minister specifies on a five-year basis, and the Minister is to inform the public when such a review begins including which provisions of the Act are to be included in the review.

In preparation of the pending review, the Foster Care Council of Canada has initiated it's own review of the Child and Family Services Act. The Councils review will take place via an on-line and interactive web site and invites all members of the public to join us in making recommendations for changes to the Act.

Once the Ministry has concluded it's review of the Act, it will publish their report some time in the year 2010. The Council will make the outcome of our own review available to the Minister and to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, relevant committees thereof, and to the legislature's opposition critics of the Child and Youth Services portfolio.

If anyone is interested in either participating in, or monitoring our review please feel free to visit the Council's 2010 CFSA Review Committee at http://afterfostercare.wetpaint.com/page/2010+CFSA+Review

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