Thursday, February 19, 2009

Foster Child's Documentary Suddenly Popular

John Dunn, a former foster child created a radio documentary for broadcast on CBC Radio's "Outfront" in 2002. The audio piece titled "Life in Foster Care is like a Subway Ride" takes you on a thirteen-minute virtual subway ride through his life as a foster child. Over the past year, the documentary has seen a fairly rapid increase in the number of downloads over the past few months. It is not yet known what has driven the increased traffic to the documentary however Dunn feels that the increased awareness of the issues raised in the piece is a positive sign.

Dunn says "I hope the documentary eventually gets used by schools of Social Work, Police Services, and others who teach, work, or volunteer in child, youth, and family related programs, including addiction services to get them in touch with the effects of life in foster care in a quick yet and moving manner to hopefully instill an understanding into the lived experiences of those who have lived in foster care in addition to learning from the written materials they learn from"

The statistics of the documentary are shown below followed by a link to the radio production itself.

Downloaded 103 times as of January 31, 2008
Downloaded 171 times as of April 19, 2008 (+68 in approx. 3 months)
Downloaded 228 times as of July 07, 2008 (+57 in approx. 3 months)
Downloaded 258 times as of August 09, 2008 (+30 in approx. 3 months)
Downloaded 433 times as of January 05, 2009 (+126 in approx. 5 months)
Downloaded 512 times as of January 30, 2009 (+79 in approx. 25 days)
Downloaded 570 times as of February 19, 2009 (+58 in approx. 20 days)
Downloaded 591 times as of February 23, 2009 (+21 in approx. 4 days)

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